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“I (love to) Gamble in Las Vegas” ™

June 07, 2014 By: IIP Category: Apparel / Accessories, Art / Design


This is a design trademark, registered with USPTO. Available for sale/lease.

Business revenue comes from imprinting design on t-shirts, caps, hats, mugs, magnets, etc.

This is a prime design for Las Vegas visitors, because it has two simultaneous  meanings:

1. Heart & spade give it a gambling look which could be belonged only to Las Vegas, and

2. Heart itself express the verb meaning“love”. The combination, therefore, purports both “I Love Las Vegas” and “I Love to Play (Gamble) in Las Vegas.

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Auto-Construction Set «Young Engineer™»

March 12, 2014 By: IIP Category: Children, Entertainment

Auto-Construction Set “Young Engineer” – a set of parts of any car, motorcycle or any other vehicle, designed for young men, age 8-14, with a detailed description how to build it up (assemble all the parts together). The cars could be legendary, upcoming or concept of any known or unknown car manufacturer or designer, 4-40 inches (0.1-1 meter) in length with respective width and height. The amount of parts may vary, but it’s obvious that the more parts kid has the more interesting and challenging it will be for him to assemble it (also it is connected with the kids’ age, the more parts in the set, the more older they are, and the more detailed information about the parts are in the Specs Book).

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The Golf Equalizer

July 03, 2013 By: IIP Category: Health / Fitness, Hobby

Name of invention: The Golf Equalizer
Purpose: To show a golfer wind speed, wind direction and temp.

A device that extends from the golf bag for each shot that shows the wind direction and speed. ACCUARATELY.

Full Description:
Have you ever played golf on a windy day? Have you tried to determine the direction of the wind by throwing a hand full of grass in the air only to have it fly in your playing partners face? Many golfers have a difficult time judging where to aim a shot when the wind is blowing. With the Golf Equalizer, Golf Course Wind Gauge, you can prepare your shot with much more confidence! It is a gauge that shows you not only the direction of the wind but the speed so you can choose the right club and line your shot up.

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CVVCALL Technology

June 02, 2011 By: IIP Category: Technology

Purpose of Invention:

Description of invention *

CVVCALL Technology eliminates the need for entering the cvv/cvv2 code online when paying for anything using a credit/debit card. Instead, when the credit card information is received for processing without the cvv/cvv2 code, it generates an instant call/text to cardholder’s telephone number associated with the credit/debit card being used prompting He or She to enter the cvv/cvv2 code over the telephone to complete the transaction. It makes the use of a credit/debit card for online and over the telephone transactions impossible if not by the cardholder’s themselves, therefore eliminating fraud. A four digits PIN code called CVV Extension Code, one that only cardholder would known, to be added to prevent fraud if credit card is stolen/lost along with cardholder’s telephone. As for telephone purchases, the merchant taken the order would have to initiate the CVVCALL on their end.
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Nactic Bicycle Seat

October 27, 2010 By: IIP Category: Children, Entertainment

Name of Invention: Nactic Bicycle Seat
Purpose of the invention: To explore place

Description: This bike can be used at recreation area like Walt Disney park to spin recreation area. Also used to explore the large buildings wich has flat floor such as: Factory, Museum, Library, Super Market, For Golf Vehicle, Etc.This device can be used by children as their new toy.

This is triangle bike driven by motors powered by battery in middle triangle can turn left and right only by feet without using any hands. While exploring we can hold mobile phone or read a magazine or newspapper or carrying golf equipment.

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Essential Oiled Bracelet

April 12, 2010 By: IIP Category: Health / Fitness

Essential Oiled Bracelet is a bracelet with inside hollows for the tape or ribbon (paper, foam rubber, any kind of sponge material), which are sprayed by the essential oils (e.g. pine, lavender, rosemary and so on); they also can be stuck on the inside surface of bracelet, put in a special attachment on the bracelet, or can be used as a patch. A variety of materials for bracelet could be used: rubber, plastic material, copper, and so on; also, width and thickness of bracelet, colors, lock mechanism, art-design may vary. The essential oiled patch could be used as an art-sticker (e.g. tattoo sticker), especially for kids.

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Manually powered centrifugal pump

July 06, 2009 By: IIP Category: Garden / Farm

Name of the invention: Manually powered centrifugal pump

Purpose of the invention: This system allow the pumping out of the water from tube wells to the up placed basins using a centrifugal pump manually actuated through one speed-up gear.


The system is useful in the areas without electricity or water supply, to allow the aspersion of gardens, for example. To permit the pressing of the water and the supply of an up placed basin the system uses a centrifugal pump connected to a speed- up gear, manually actuated with a crank. On this way the rotational speed of the pump increases up the 1000 RPM, assuring a good pumping effect.

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Magnetic Engine

June 28, 2009 By: IIP Category: Auto / Accessories, Electronics / IP, Industrial / Machinery

The proposed motor is a magnetic power device, which uses energy of permanent magnets with interactions with each other. This device is technologically simple for manufacturing, if manufacturing (power of permanent magnets operate efficiently on a small distance) can be obtained from the device, which is the shaft power will give a large torque at the high revs.

Magnetic motor contains a shell, which has an opportunity to interact through the magnetic forces of permanent magnets with the opportunity of rotating parts, and with the fact that they are strictly parallel to each other and establish on the case of the four axes.

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Noise-free exhaust ventilation

June 28, 2009 By: IIP Category: Household, Industrial / Machinery, Office Supplies

Modern exhaust ventilation on the basis of centrifugal pump makes an equivalent noise of jet aircraft, so I suggest small speed exhaust ventilation for rooms where you need silence while the high concentration of workers or visitors (theaters, academic institutions, etc.).

The pump consists of: 1) body 2) restrictive ring 3) hinge 4) joint blade 5) rigid ring on the axle 6) axis in the center of rotation.

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Adjustable Water Pump for direct regulation

June 28, 2009 By: IIP Category: Auto / Accessories, Industrial / Machinery

Adjustable Water Pump for direct regulation of a wide array of management. It is suitable for use in hydraulic systems for various purposes including for the creation of infinitely hydraulic, which can be implemented continuously in the automotive transmission technology.

The basis of the invention laid gear Water Pump with efficiency over 90% and determining the ultimate characteristics of the controlled Water Pump. This pressure P-min and productivity V-max. Initial characteristics of the regulated pump – P-max and V-min.

Chart pressure, performance is not quite correct, but it is not fundamentally important. The main thing is that the initial pressure of the pump can be increased by several times. In two, three or more times. Theoretically, the pressure pump can be improved, and a hundred and a thousand times. This is not fundamentally. Depends only on the dimensions of the controlled pump. That is, the transfer rate does not depend on the actual pump, but is directly dependent on the dimensions of the controlled pump.

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